Ecogen energy systems

Ecogen Energy Systems builts cogeneration installations since 1990. As a project- and engineering office in sustainable energy our company focusses on the design and construction of CHP-projects with gas engines. Our CHP-project portfolio has reached a total operational electrical power output of over 80 MegaWatt. Ecogen is since more than 10 years the selected ā€œauthorized sales representativeā€ for INNIO Jenbacher, market leader in the production of cogeneration modules with gas engines. This unique collaboration is a substantial element in the strength of our company.

Jan and Johan Debruyne are the leading directors of ECOGEN. They coordinate a network of engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants and subcontractors having appropriate and optimum expertise for realizing your energy project.

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Johan Debruyne

Johan graduated as a civil mechanical engineer and experienced a variety of leading functions in the vehicle industry. In 1991 he founded Ecogen in order to develop the engine technology for energy applications. Johan is a passionate engineer, always looking for the most optimal energy solution.

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Jan Debruyne

Jan has a financial background with master degree in applied economics. In 2006 he entered into the world of energy and CHP and gained a good understanding of energy costs and support systems.

He ensures, together with the other participants of the team, that your energy project has a solid economical fundament with a long term profit to you as our customer.

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Ecogen employs its years of CHP-experience and expertise for:

  • Industrial applications (construction industry, food industry, and others ...)
  • Utilities (hospitals, large buildings)
  • agricultural sector and companies with large waste streams

In cooperation with INNIO Jenbacher Ecogen shares its know-how in the field of

  • CHP applications on large and small power
  • Applications with gas engines on natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, coke gas and other industrial waste gases
  • Heat recovery (steam, drying processes, process water, ...)
  • Electrical integration
  • Gas-treatment and-valorisation
  • Sound protection and ventilation of CHP applications
  • Biogas applications
  • ...

Ecogen can also be a suitable partner to you for other energy projects:

  • alternative energy solutions
  • electric integration and adjustments
  • heat exchangers
  • ...


INNIO Jenbacher

Jenbacher is a member of the international group INNIO, and a market leader in the manufacturing and development of gas engine modules. Jenbacher gas engine modules cover a power range of 250 kW to 10 MW with fuel flexibility to run either on natural gas or a number of other gases (biogas, landfill gas, cokes gas, and other special gases).

As part one of the strongest multinational concerns in the world, INNIO Jenbacher delivers onsite power, heat and cooling supply for a variety of commercial, industrial and municipal applications. In particular renewable and waste-to-energy projects, industrial power generation, cogeneration/CHP (combined heat and power), and oilfield power generation. More than 20.000 Jenbacher gas engines are in operation in more than 100 countries.

Ecogen is proud to be the selected authorized sales representative for INNIO Jenbacher in Belgium. On request, we can provide more information on the complete delivery program and the different types of gas engines.

Overview delivery program INNIO Jenbacher