Cogeneration in detail

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A combined heat and power (CHP) or cogeneration produces electricity (power) and at the same time heat. With a CHP-module the mechanical energy from for example an internal combustion engine or a gas turbine, is used to power a generator. This generator produces the electricity. The heat released during this process by the engine is recovered in the form of hot water, steam or hot air and is supplied as useful heat to the production process of the plant. Electricity and heat is no longer produced separately, which lowers your total primary energy demand and energy cost for the company.

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With a CHP-system you not only produce electricity and heat in a combined way, but you also save on your energy expenditures and you reduce your CO2-emissions. Compared to a conventional power plant where the heat of the electricity production process is immediately lost to the environment in big cooling systems, a CHP-module uses this heat for useful applications such as heating, drying, ...

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In addition to traditional natural gas engines Ecogen also has many years of experience with biogas projects. Agricultural companies or large companies with a lot of waste, convert their waste flows via a digestion plant into biogas, and with our CHP technology into electricity and heat. The waste residue that remains after digestion can be dried with the heat of the biogas engine to become a fertilizer or a soil improver.

Schematic presentation

100 units fuel


A CHP (module gas engine) has an electrical efficiency of 40% and a thermal efficiency of 45%. This results in the following effective units

40 units electricity

45 units heat

Seperate generation

Power plant
A power plant has an efficiency of 50%. In order to obtain the actual return of 40 units of electricity, it needs 80 units of fuel.

A boiler has an efficiency of 90%. In order to obtain the actual return of 45 units of heat, it needs 50 units of fuel.

130 units fuel


Energy savings: 130 (80+50) - 100 = 30 units
Relative energy savings: 30/130 = 23%

Your economic advantage:

  • You reduce your electricity demand from the grid
  • You save on natural gas or oil for your steam or hot water boiler
  • You run a sustainable business in a cost-efficient way

Your ecological advantage:

  • You reduce your energy losses.
  • You realize primary energy savings
  • You reduce your CO2-emissions

The role of Ecogen

Ecogen builds almost exclusively CHP projects with gas engines for companies or applications that need simultaneously a lot of heat and electricity. We are not only well placed for the design and construction, but also for the monitoring and maintenance of the CHP module, in collaboration with INNIO Jenbacher as the CHP-module-supplier. According to your selected structure of the energy project the scope of delivery of the project can vary from a mere selection and supply of the CHP- module to a complete turn-key solution of the CHP-project.

In addition, our company is with its long years of experience quite well placed to select and design on the basis of your energy demand a suitable CHP-solution or a customized alternative energy solution.

Working together
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Based on your energy request Ecogen is looking for the best solution. We provide a wide economic and ecological support. Know more?

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Type 2

Type 2

Electrical output from 250 to 330KW
8 cylinder
1500 rpm (50Hz) / 1800 rpm (60Hz)
Delivered engines: more than 960
Since 1976 in the product program

Type 3

Type 3

Electrical output from 500 to 1,100KW
V12, V16 and V20 cylinder
1500 rpm (50Hz) / 1800 rpm (60Hz)
Delivered engines: more than 8000
Since 1988 in the product program

Type 4

Type 4

Electrical output from 800 to 1,500KW
V12, V16 and V20 cylinder
1500 rpm (50Hz) / 1800 rpm (60Hz)
Delivered engines: more than 2000
Since 2002 in the product program

Type 6

Type 6

Electrical output from 1.5 to 4.4 MW
V12, V16, V20 and V24 cylinder
1500 rpm (50Hz, 60Hz with gear-box)
Delivered engines: more than 3000
Since 1989 in the product program

Type J920

Type J920

Electrical output of 9521 KW (50Hz)
V20 cylinder
1000 rpm (50Hz) / 900 rpm (60Hz)
Since 2013 in the product program