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Ecogen is a leading reference in the field of renewable energy and energy cost reduction. Our company specializes in combined heat and power (CHP) with gas engines. With this sustainable technology your company produces on site in a combined way the required heat and electricity. It allows to realize substantial energy cost savings and reduces your CO2-emissions. The electricity and heat from the CHP substitutes the conventional supply of heat from the boilers on site and electricity from the distant power plants via the public grid to the production process.

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Based on your energy request Ecogen is looking for the best solution. We provide a wide economic and ecological support. Know more?

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INNIO Jenbacher

Jenbacher is a member of the international group INNIO, and a market leader in the manufacturing and development of gas engine modules. Jenbacher gas engine modules cover a power range of 250 kW to 10 MW with fuel flexibility to run either on natural gas or a number of other gases (biogas, landfill gas, cokes gas, and other special gases).

As part one of the strongest multinational concerns in the world, INNIO Jenbacher delivers onsite power, heat and cooling supply for a variety of commercial, industrial and municipal applications. In particular renewable and waste-to-energy projects, industrial power generation, cogeneration/CHP (combined heat and power), and oilfield power generation. More than 20.000 Jenbacher gas engines are in operation in more than 100 countries.

Ecogen is proud to be the selected authorized sales representative for INNIO Jenbacher in Belgium. On request, we can provide more information on the complete delivery program and the different types of gas engines.

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